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Are you committing more hours than you’d like to the management of your Weehawken rental property? If so, then it’s time you consider outsourcing the management of your property to a reliable service provider.

Abacus Avenue Property Management is a full-service property management company known for its integrity, accountability, and professional services.

Through offering quality property management services, our portfolio has grown over the years. We specialize in managing duplexes, multi-family residences, condos, and luxury properties. Regardless of the size or type of property, you can rely on us to comprehensively meet all your property needs.

As a property investor in Weehawken, you have investment goals. At Abacus Avenue Property Management, we understand this. And we do everything we can to ensure you achieve them.

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Our Weehawken Property Management Services 

Abacus Avenue Property Management has a reputation in Weehawken for offering comprehensive property management solutions. Property owners can attest that their needs have been met thanks to the diligence of our property managers and the thoroughness of our services.

Here are some of the services we offer:

1. Tenant Screening

You need to ensure that the person living on your property is a trustworthy and reliable person who will take care and respect your property. That’s why it is recommended that property owners carry out a tenant screening process.

However, most landlords lack the expertise and knowledge to do so.

Rely on the property managers from Abacus Avenue Property Management. We have years of experience refining our tenant screening process to ensure that our clients only lease their spaces to the best tenants in the area.

Our property managers will check the potential tenant’s income, rental history, eviction history, employment, credit history, and also run a background check.

When you lease out your property, you can have peace of mind.

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2. Lease Preparation and Administration

To properly lease your property, you need to have a document that captures the provision of county ordinances, State, and federal law.

Abacus Avenue Property Management can guarantee this by creating a well-detailed and comprehensive lease agreement that protects you from all possible legal issues.

During the administration of the lease agreement to the tenant, we make sure to highlight important legal provisions to the renter to ensure that we are on the same page moving forward.

3. Eviction

When you work with us, evictions are extremely rare. However, if for whatever reason you have a problem tenant, we can deal with the situation.

You can rely on the experienced team at Abacus Avenue Property Management to remove a problem tenant from the premises.

Our property managers will take care of everything, from the preparation of the necessary paperwork to liaising with law enforcement to the removal of the tenant. After the eviction process, we will make sure that the property is in good condition and we will market the property in search of a better tenant.

4. Property Inspection and Maintenance

To guarantee that your rental property survives in such a competitive market, we recommend maintaining your property in good condition all year round. This means putting in the work and dedicating hours of your time every week.

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Alternatively, you can outsource your maintenance needs to Abacus Avenue Property Management.

We will design and execute a customized inspection plan that ensures the condition of your property remains perfect. The rental property will be frequently inspected to detect any and all defects beforehand and also implement the required solution.

Even with a proactive and comprehensive maintenance plan, there is always the possibility of an emergency. Our communication channels are always open. Your tenants can always get in touch with us.

Living in Weehawken, NJ

Located on the shores of the Hudson River, Weehawken offers residents a short commute to Manhattan. You can also get to the city by bus, ferry or the Light Rail.

What makes Weehawken a gem is the increase of new developments and housing in the neighborhood. Over the past few years, the area has seen low- and high-rise developments, condominiums, and townhouses.

One notable mention is the Henley on Hudson. As the name suggests, this is a development right on the Hudson River offering quality amenities. It's ideal for a family looking to move to the area.

Moving to Weehawken means that you have a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities to choose from. For starters, you should take a walk in Hamilton Park, a local favorite. Old Glory Park is another green space that offers beautiful views of the Hudson River and New York City.

For those who love history and indoor spaces, we recommend that you make your way to Hamilton Avenue and have a look at the Alexander Hamilton Monument.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to schooling. Weehawken has quality schools with great programs. Some of the worthwhile mentions include County Prep High School, High Tech High School, Teaneck Community Charter School, and Jersey City Global Charter School.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Abacus Avenue is proud to provide our property management services in the following areas:

Jersey City

Union City


North Bergen

West New York







Hudson County

And more!


As a first time homeowner with first time tenants I valued the personal touch and informed team at Abacus Avenue Property Management. Thanks to Abacus I was able to better navigate and understand all the aspects and options I had as a landlord to facilitate a good resolution; with the help of Marc & Lisa I will have successfully reclaimed my property on an agreed date and time. A potentially nerve wrecking and anxiety producing situation was allayed by Abacus advising me in the right direction.

Elizabeth C. Rental Property Owner