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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Harrison, NJ? If you are, then consider Abacus Avenue Property Management!

If you’re a self-managing landlord, you’re faced with a variety of tasks, from advertising your unit and implementing a thorough tenant screening process, to handling tenant issues and maintaining your rental property.

These can be manageable if you only have a single tenant and unit to think about, but if you’re someone juggling other responsibilities and have a growing portfolio to manage, it’s advisable to outsource the management of your Harrison rental home to a trusted property manager such as Abacus Avenue Property Management.

With our professional team, we’re able to attract high-quality tenants that pass our rigorous standards to ensure your rental unit is free from damage and your income remains consistent. We have a methodical process in place for preventive property maintenance and to conduct regular property inspections.

Given our solid experience in the property management industry, we’re able to take care of several rental property types, such as single-family homes, multi-family homes, commercial structures, and condominiums.

Abacus Avenue Property Management maximizes the benefits of your Harrison rental home. You can take advantage of our Online Cash Management for rent payment, Financial Health Assessment for tenant screening, Incident Management Support, and 24/7 Emergency Management for property maintenance.

We’re dedicated to finding the best renters, delivering the rent proceeds on time, performing consistent tenant screening, and ensuring your rental remains in an outstanding condition.


As a partner, we keep things transparent and look forward to promoting a stellar rental experience for tenants. We continually improve our customer service, so our clients and their tenants feel valued at all times.

Are you ready to experience excellent property management in your Harrison rental home? Contact Abacus Avenue Property Management today at (201) 793 8000!

Our Property Management Services

We offer full services, from advertising vacant rental spaces to keeping the property in superior condition and scheduling property repairs.

The following are some of the property management services we offer to our clients:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

With an unoccupied Harrison rental home, your savings can run dry. Hiring Abacus Avenue Property Management can speed up your marketing and increase your property exposure. We respond fast to prospective tenant inquiries, maximize ad distribution in popular platforms, and use MLS.

Professional property photos are taken to entice more interest, giving us a wider selection of prospective occupants. We also advertise through professional signages and word-of-mouth throughout our solid industry network.

2. Tenant Screening Process

When it comes to screening tenants for your Harrison rental home, we’re dedicated to making sure you end up with tenants that pay on rent time and keep your space clean. We have set standards that potential renters must meet.

Abacus Avenue Property Management evaluates these factors:

  • Credit score

  • Employment

  • Eviction record

  • Criminal history

  • Income and employment


We protect property owners by making sure that the occupants we accept in your rental property can pay the rent and don’t have negative tenancy histories.

3. Rent Collection

Abacus Avenue Property Management sets up an effective rent collection system for your Harrison rental home. By simply logging into our online portal, you can track rent payments. You won’t have to manually compute late rent payment charges as our software can accomplish that.

Notices are also sent out online to tenants when their rent is due. They can conveniently pay using electronic means. As the property owner, you’ll quickly receive the payment proceeds in your nominated account.

4. Property Repairs and Maintenance

Abacus Avenue Property Management is fully in charge of all the maintenance and repair aspects of your Harrison rental home.  You can trust our efficient maintenance solutions given that we offer 24/7 emergency services and can be easily reached through our hotline.

In case you want to upgrade your rental space, you can also rely on us to keep an attentive eye on your improvement projects. When renters request property maintenance, they can forward requests online where monitoring is a breeze.

We also provide completed reports once property inspections are over. When it comes to property repairs, we seek your approval so you won’t get surprised about repair fees.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Using an online portal, property owners can access 20- personalized financial reports. All figures are accurate as we value transparency.

About Harrison, New Jersey

Harrison is a town in the western region of Hudson County. It’s also a suburb of Newark and situated about 8 miles from New York City. It’s bordered by East Newark, Kearny, and Newark across the Passaic River in Essex County.

Residents in Harrison love the small town for being pedestrian friendly. It retains close proximity to parks, restaurants, and shops.

Harrison offers a sense of safety and close community ties. Professionals working in New York can get to the city in 20 minutes to half an hour via the train. The Newark airport is also accessible in 15 minutes.

Here are interesting places to see in Harrison, New Jersey:

  1. Red Bull Arena

  2. West Hudson Park

  3. The Newark Museum of Art

  4. New Jersey Performing Arts Center

  5. Prudential Center Arena

  6. Riverbank Park

  7. GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center

  8. Military Park

  9. Essex County Riverfront Park

  10. Weequahic Park

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas:

Jersey City



North Bergen

West New York





Union City


Hudson County



As a first time homeowner with first time tenants I valued the personal touch and informed team at Abacus Avenue Property Management. Thanks to Abacus I was able to better navigate and understand all the aspects and options I had as a landlord to facilitate a good resolution; with the help of Marc & Lisa I will have successfully reclaimed my property on an agreed date and time. A potentially nerve wrecking and anxiety producing situation was allayed by Abacus advising me in the right direction.

Elizabeth C. Rental Property Owner