Local Platform - NJ/NY/CT/PA

Customizable Packages Available

Financial Management Security

  • Completely Unique Industry Offering
  • 100% Association Owned Bank accounts
  • 100% Signing Authority Remains with Association Only
  • We do ALL the Work – You Push a Button on Alert
  • ONLY the Association Can Authorize Money Movement
  • NO PAPER Checks or Time Consuming Commitments
  • 100% Secure – Zero Risk Of Unknown Money Movements

Vendor Management

  • Preferred Vendors – Ours or Yours
  • License and Insurance In Portal
  • Project Supervision
  • Full Management Included – Bigger Projects May Be Extra
  • Time/Date Stamped Tracking
  • Digital Photography Included in All Reporting

Management Staff Support

  • Lawyers and various Legal Representation
  • CPA Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • Insurance Consultants
  • Licensed General Contractor

Full Delinquency Management

  • Full Reporting On Demand 24/7
  • End To End Collection Solution
  • Staged Process with Continual Follow Through
  • Many Steps Prior To Legal Expense
  • Full Legal Support to Finalize Lien Process If Necessary
  • Full Receivership Process To Recoup and Generate Income

Full Receivership Management

  • Work Directly With Justices and Legal
  • Full Detailed Reporting For Court-Specific Requirements
  • Complete Repair, Turn, And Marketing
  • Full Service Tenant Management
  • Completely Incorporated Financials


  • Everything Available in Portal 24/7
  • Full Dual Entry Accounting System
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Secure, Co-Located
  • 20+ Fully Customizable Accounting Reports on Demand
  • Live Drill-down Income Statement
  • Tax Filing Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Complete Financial Control Processes
  • Personal, Automated OnLine Ledgers for Each Owners
  • Reserve and Deferred Account Management Included
  • Full Budget Optimization and Budget-To-Actual Reporting
  • Secure Categorized Repository of All Documents
  • Direct Access for Your CPA

Full Community Communication Management

  • Personal and Private Community Forum
  • Emergency Contact List and Process
  • All Community Mailings/Emailings
  • Committee Coaching
  • Full Newsletter Management and Distribution

Full Maintenance Solution

  • Our Vendors or Yours
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Periodic Tracked Inspection Reporting
  • Full Refuse Management Per Municipality
  • Full Service Contract Management
  • Full Landscaping Services
  • Full Snow Removal Services
  • Contractor Repairs Fully Integrated Into Portal

Full Project Management

  • Scope of Work
  • Blind Bid Process
  • Scenario Analysis and Recommendation Assistance
  • Licensed and Staff General Contractor Oversight
  • Time-Date Stamped Updates
  • Digital Photography With Every Update
  • Portal Storage of All Contracts, Updates, Information and Warranties

How to Keep Association Community Funds Secure - Property Management Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

@Abacus we believe strongly in transparency and the elimination of missing monies, which is endemic in this industry.

We have an industry-unique, proprietary, integrated, and secure online financial platform that incorporates directly with your portal so you can have direct insight down to the penny for every transaction. We will do all the work to create the check online, your designated Members will receive an alert with what the check is for and the amount, and only they will have the authority to actually authorize that check and send it – by simply clicking a button.

Yes, all the bank accounts will be yours.

No, we will not be signors on your account.

Yes, we will be the authorized users of your account so we can do all the work but we will not have the authority to send any monies.

Yes, we handle all of your accounts including operating, reserve, and deferred maintenance. All of which will be available through your portal with down-to-the-penny transparency.

@Abacus, we believe in ProActive Property Management. This is a huge differentiator for us compared with our competition, that is often striving to do the least possible. We will be partnering with your Board and offering our suggestions, advice, and opinions throughout the relationship.

We will perform both our Financial Optimization Audit and our Site Optimization Audit as soon as we begin managing your property. We will sit down with you and go over our analysis and offer up scenarios for improvement. This will be a proactive process that will initiate a discussion of various options, our recommendations, and your decisions.

The Board always makes all the decisions, but you will have specific scenario analysis and information from which to make those decisions.


As a first time homeowner with first time tenants I valued the personal touch and informed team at Abacus Avenue Property Management. Thanks to Abacus I was able to better navigate and understand all the aspects and options I had as a landlord to facilitate a good resolution; with the help of Marc & Lisa I will have successfully reclaimed my property on an agreed date and time. A potentially nerve wrecking and anxiety producing situation was allayed by Abacus advising me in the right direction.

Elizabeth C. Rental Property Owner