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Are you looking for a dependable property manager in Union City, NJ? You’ve come to the right place!

Abacus Avenue Property Management offers professional property management services to owners and investors across Hudson County and the greater area of New Jersey. For more than a decade, we have consistently served the local communities by providing high-quality management services that enhance our client’s property value.

In our company, we specialize in managing single-family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial buildings. We have one of the best property management teams in Union City and we’ll make sure your investment receives the highest level of care and attention. 

All of our services are geared towards helping your rental investment perform at its very best. Here at Abacus Avenue, we’ve earned a reputation for having remarkable efficiency in our services. Our goal is to help you receive the best possible returns from your rental property.

As your property manager, you can rest assured that our team will go the extra mile to ensure your Union City rental property achieves its highest potential.

Our Property Management Services

Here at Abacus Avenue, we provide a full scope of services that will help grow your property’s market value. These services aim to protect the property’s condition while providing you with a consistent source of passive income. Some of our services include:

Tenant Screening

We will begin marketing your rental immediately when you have a vacant unit. Once we have gathered enough applicants, we utilize a thorough tenant screening process to ensure that they meet our criteria.


We’ll implement a comprehensive screening process to find the best candidates. This process involves credit, criminal, reference, and employment checks. 

Having the right tenants who will take care of your home properly, have good communication, and pay their rent on time is crucial for a successful rental property. This decreases the chance of late rent payments, disagreements, or evictions. 

Should an eviction occur, our team will handle the entire legal process smoothly.

Rent Collection

For you rental investment to become profitable, you’ll need a property manager with the expertise to follow up on the rental payments. This allows us to minimize late payments and maximize your annual returns.

One of the steps we’ve taken to achieve this includes automating our rent payment systems. This makes it easier for the tenants to pay their rent at the end of each month. Their payments are then instantly deposited into your account. 

In addition, we make use of an efficient online maintenance scheduling system for when repairs are needed. We also maintain an accurate record of the property’s inspection reports and maintenance records.

Financial Reporting

Here at Abacus Avenue, we understand the importance of keeping accurate, consistent financial records for your investment. Over the years, we have gained valuable insight on how to improve a property’s returns and enhance its market value. Our team will ensure your rental property generates sufficient income to cover any expenses and ultimately become profitable.


To do this, we’ll conduct a full financial assessment, plan a budget, and carry out a complete audit of the property. In addition, we’ll provide tax accounting services to keep your rental investment compliant for every tax season. You can rest assured; we’ll help your investment to earn the best possible returns.

Property Maintenance

Another key aspect of property management is routine maintenance checks. Keeping your property well maintained is important to keep your tenants happy and more likely to stay for the long term. Upkeep will also ensure that you abide by Fair Housing laws.

As your property manager, we’ll make sure your property is maintained in peak condition year after year. We’ll implement a preventive approach to maintenance that will help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Our goal is to take the necessary measures to improve your property’s market value and turn it into a profitable investment.

About Union City, New Jersey

Union City is located in the northern area of Hudson County in the State of New Jersey. It is considered a part of the New York metropolitan area and was officially incorporated in the year 1925.

Union City was formed as a result of a merger between two municipalities – Union Hill and West Hoboken Township. The city is known for a number of things such as its historical architecture and cultural diversity. It is also famously known for the creation of the first lunch wagon by Jerry and Daniel O'Mahoney and John Hanf, which spurred its manufacturing age.

Some of the city’s main economic activities include manufacturing textiles, clothing, paper products, and lamps. Though the city is filled with industrial activity, it is also a popular residential area. In fact, it is considered one of the most densely populated cities in the US.

Some of the areas of interest include Hamilton Park, Ellis Island, and Weehawken Waterfront Park and Recreation Center. Union City provides its residents with an urban feel while maintaining its historical significance.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

Abacus Avenue is proud to provide our property management services in the following areas:

Jersey City



North Bergen

West New York







Hudson County

And more!


As a first time homeowner with first time tenants I valued the personal touch and informed team at Abacus Avenue Property Management. Thanks to Abacus I was able to better navigate and understand all the aspects and options I had as a landlord to facilitate a good resolution; with the help of Marc & Lisa I will have successfully reclaimed my property on an agreed date and time. A potentially nerve wrecking and anxiety producing situation was allayed by Abacus advising me in the right direction.

Elizabeth C. Rental Property Owner