50 Ways on How to Describe an Apartment Complex + What It is and Its Features

50 Ways on How to Describe an Apartment Complex - What It is and Its Features

Indeed, how to describe an apartment complex when you are planning to launch rental ads could be a much-difficult task, especially when you do want to avoid cliché uses of adjectives for rental descriptions.

You may wonder, how would you describe something without using highfalutin words but rather enticing yet naturally-sounding words? Well, as your goal is to make descriptions of what is an apartment complex and its features, the following information in this blog might help you to understand it better, as well as this article will provide you with effective ways on how to make your rental descriptions.

What is an Apartment Complex?

To start, you have to know the meaning of the apartment complex prior to writing your rental ad. Apartment complexes are a set of apartment homes in a set of buildings. These apartment homes are characterized by significant rooms and features, that is the key point of running a complex.

Features of an Apartment Complex

Typically, here are the common features that you can enjoy and experience when you transfer or move to an apartment complex:

how to describe an apartment complex

1. Leasing office

This is the space or work area of your property manager where administrative operations take place.


This is a set of stairs connecting you from the ground floor to many levels of the building.


This will provide safety particularly when you are taking a walk.


Street lamps will serve as a guide and provide additional safety both for the people who are walking and driving.

how to describe an apartment complex

5.Parking Area

If you are moving to an apartment complex, it is common to see a parking area designated for its renter, and for guests. There are also spaces for people with disabilities to make it easier for them to park.  


Balconies are a set of outdoor spaces surrounded by a wall or balustrade you can see in an apartment complex. These are mostly spaces where you can create into a small tea space, laundry space, or place where you can put your small outdoor plants.

7.Trash Cans

To keep the cleanliness of the complex there are designated places where tenants can compile their trash.

8. Waste Bag for Pets

In some apartment complexes, property managers allow pets such as dogs or cats; thus, they may also provide waste bags for your pet.

9. Key Card

Key Cards are exclusive for tenants which can be used to open common rooms that can be used by everyone such as fitness centers.

10.Electronic Gate

Electronic gates are usually placed at the entrance of parking space and are used to secure that only tenants or guest with permission can enter the apartment complex

50 words you can use on how to describe your Apartment Complex

When choosing the right words to use on how to describe an apartment complex, you have to consider several things. What are the best features you can highlight? Where can tenants locate your building? What are the places or landmarks nearby? And many more.

Thus, to make it easier for you, we will provide some terms you can choose with guidelines on when or how to use these words.

A.   Highlight the best Feature

 Describe your apartment complex. What kind of building is it? What is its edge compared to other complexes? What type of building is it? What can a tenant gain if they will move to your complex?

Here are the words you can use:

1. Vintage

2. Modern

3. Urban

4. High-Ceilings

5. Skyline and Astonishing View

6. Upscale

B.   Use Adjectives to describe the Attributes of Your Apartment Complex

What does it look like? What kind of vibe or atmosphere does it give off? What are the sizes of the rooms? What are the perks?

Here are the words you can use:

7. Relaxed

8. Elegant

9. Intimate

10. Spacious

11. Cozy and warm

12. Classic

13. Freshly renovated

14. Generous

15. Friendly

16. Private

17. Modest

18. Ornate

19. Cheerful

20. Tidy

C.   Let Potential Tenants Visualize the Features They Will Get

How many rooms are present in an apartment? What kind of rooms can tenants expect? Is it ideal for a family? Is it okay for an independent tenant?

Here are the words you can use:

21. 4 bedrooms

22. 2 bathrooms

23. Refreshing balcony

24. Three-story

25. Blue-carpeted royal

26. Perfectly sumptuous dining area

27. Handsome high-rise ceilings

28. Nicely air-conditioned

29. Cozy two-rooms

30. Large and unoccupied rooms

31. Private three-room

D.   Describe the Neighborhood

What kind of Neighborhoods can renters have? Is it going to be quiet? Are they friendly? Are tenants allowed to communicate with other tenants?

Here are the words you can use:

32. Professional Community

33. Civil and Tranquil Neighbors

34. Lively Neighborhood

35. Clean and Agreeable Community

36. Quiet and Residential Neighborhood

37. Neat and Modern Neighbors

38. Warm and Private Neighborhood

Make sure that you won’t be mentioning any description relating to the tenant’s familial status, religion, race, sex, or nationality that could offend or violate the Fair Housing Laws.

E.   Mention the Places Nearby

What are the places near the apartment complex? In this case, the tenants will have an idea if your apartment complex is close to their school, workplace, or stations to commute.

 Here are the words you can use:

39. 1-km away from Train Station

40. Steps from School

41. Near Coffee Shops

42. Nearby the Library

43. Within reach of Supermarkets

44. Just About 3 Km away from Bars

45. Close by the Parks

46. In the neighborhood of Freeway Access

47. Close in on Dining and Restaurants

F.    Mention More Information About Your Apartment Complex

What are the things or perks that tenants can enjoy in your apartment complex? Is it safe to stay at your building?

Here are the words you can use:

48. Smoking Policy

49. Pet-Friendly

50. Spacious Parking Lots

How to describe an apartment complex Conclusion:

The 50 words mentioned above can be effective for you, but note that you can just put something on your rental description if it’s not present on your building or you will be labeled as a fraud. For additional tips on how to describe an apartment complex, make sure that you will not use vague languages, avoid using exclamation points, or too wordy descriptions, and most of all, be honest and true to your words.


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