How to Effectively Communicate in Your ASSOCIATION Community - Property Management

When you are part of an ASSOCIATION community, it’s critical for management and leadership to be able to communicate effectively with the entire membership. Good communication will foster positive, respectful relationships and increase the amount of trust and value that ASSOCIATION members place in their leadership and board. There are several ways to improve your communication strategies.

With all of the innovative technology available to property managers and communities, you should make sure you are set up to communicate effectively and transparently online. This can include an online portal forum, where members and residents can get together to talk about ideas, events and other subjects of interest. You can also set up an online work order management system so that all maintenance and repair requests can be received, tracked, documented and resolved online. It makes the entire process more efficient and improves your ability to communicate.

Create committees within your ASSOCIATION, and encourage everyone to participate. This will give your members some ownership in what goes on within the ASSOCIATION, and allows everyone to play a role in how the association is managed. You might have committees to manage events like yard sales or movie nights, and you could have committees responsible for holiday decorating or putting together a community newsletter.

Make it easy for the ASSOCIATION members to attend the association meetings. They should be scheduled in advance and held at regular intervals. This will give people who need time to organize their schedules to do so when they want to attend. ASSOCIATION meetings are a great time for people to communicate with one another and ask any questions that they may have.

Get members of the association together whenever possible. Workshops are a great way to offer value and education. You could hold a tax workshop before the April 15 deadline every year or a workshop on local education options. Invite guest speakers who can provide expertise and interest on a variety of topics. Events are also a good way to bring everyone together and communicate with your membership. Potluck dinners, picnics and food truck events are popular ways to connect with How to Effectively Communicate in Your ASSOCIATION Community - Property Managementyour neighbors.

There are many ways to communicate with your ASSOCIATION membership. If you’d like to hear more, please contact us at Abacus Avenue Property Management in Hoboken, NJ.


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