How to Limit Maintenance Costs in Your Rental Property – Landlord Education

Repair costs are always going to be a factor when you own rental property, but there are things you can do to keep those maintenance expenses low. Remember that investing in your property’s condition is not a bad thing. While no one likes to spend money, protecting your property and preserving your asset is important in being a successful investor. Read more

How to Effectively Communicate in Your ASSOCIATION Community – Property Management

How to Effectively Communicate in Your ASSOCIATION Community - Property Management

When you are part of an ASSOCIATION community, it’s critical for management and leadership to be able to communicate effectively with the entire membership. Good communication will foster positive, respectful relationships and increase the amount of trust and value that ASSOCIATION members place in their leadership and board. There are several ways to improve your communication strategies. Read more

Why a Property Management Solution is Key to HOA Community Management

Communities belonging to an HOA often benefit from  property management help, and it can make a big difference in how efficiently and productively your HOA is managed. If your HOA has considered this solution, you should remember a few key facts. Read more

Tenant Screening: What Every Landlord Needs to Know

The type of tenant you put in your rental property will have a major impact on your success as an investor. If you take the time to do a thorough tenant screening, you’ll get a responsible tenant who has a record of paying rent on time and taking care of the homes they rent. If you ignore proper screening techniques, or you skip it entirely, you don’t really know who you’re getting. You’ll set yourself up for a lot of potential liability and the risk that you’ll have a tenant who doesn’t pay rent on time and doesn’t care about the property. Read more

How to Keep Association Community Funds Secure – Property Management Advice

Financial oversight and management are two of the most important duties of an ASSOCIATION board or property manager. To keep your community funds secure, you need to have consistent control practices and policies in place, and they need to be enforced. There are a few specific things you can do to ensure your funds are safe and managed well. Read more

Is It Smarter to Rent My House or Sell? Advice for Homeowners

Renting out your property is an excellent alternative to selling it, especially if you’re having a problem finding a buyer or the sales market won’t support the price you’d like to ask for the home. Most homeowners don’t think about renting out their home as an option, but it’s something you should consider. Read more

6 Reasons to Work with Abacus Avenue Property Management

With over a decade of New Jersey property management experience, Abacus Avenue has the knowledge, skills and talents to help you maximize your success as a rental property owner and investor. We’d like to share six specific reasons to choose us when you’re looking for property management company. Read more