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Multiple Tenant Lease Agreement: Tips to Maintain Harmony and Peace Among Roommates

Multiple Tenant Lease Agreement: Tips to Maintain Harmony and Peace Among Roommates Most of the time, it is convenient for landlords to lease a property to a single person or a family. However, it is inevitable that in some scenarios, the landlord ended up renting a property to roommate tenants—reaching a multiple tenant lease agreement then. Though it is fun to have roommates and all; it might be troublesome for the landlords when conflicts and […]

Property left behind when a tenant moves out – 10 things to know!

When a tenant moves out, whether they have been evicted or the lease ended, the process is debilitating for landlords. Most of the time, there are items left by the tenant. Dealing with properties left behind by the tenant can be stressful and hassle for landlords. It is not uncommon for them to encounter this scenario

How Much Does a Property Manager Charge?

Through a property manager, handling your property can be at ease. A reliable property manager can be an asset to your property’s investment which is why a lot of real estate investors hire property managers to handle their property.  The property manager manages the property at a price. Several factors can affect the cost that a property manager will charge. Also, it can depend on the amount of workload you will delegate and include in […]

When does a guest become a tenant – How To Create Your Guest Policy

When Does a Guest Become a Tenant? If you own a property, every day there might be different people coming in and out of your property. Tenants can invite visitors – whether friends, family, boyfriend, or girlfriend, it is a common scenario if you own a building or a property. Your tenant’s guest may stay for a couple of days or a certain period. In some cases, your tenant’s boyfriend or girlfriend may start living […]