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The Future of ProActive Property Management can be found at @Abacus. Utilizing our proprietary, integrated, cloud-based platform we can help you save >75% from your current expense base.

Investment Optimization

As soon as we begin managing your property, we will perform both our Financial and Site Optimization Audits and begin a conversation with you about different strategies to maximize your investment.

Client Portal Technology

We have state-of-the-art technology that is secure, fast, hyper-transparent, simple and accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7. Our portal allows each owner/tenant/member to have their own personal private portal where they can pay {for free} online, access information, make requests, and much more.

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24/7 Emergency Coverage

We have live, on-call staff throughout the entire day, every day. There is nothing that is going to happen at your property that we cannot help solve successfully – no matter where in the world your property is located.

Why Choose Abacus Avenue Property Management?

If you are…

A Board Member

of an association and you are looking for great, proactive property management that can potentially save you 75% or more of your current expenses. Click here to choose the right platform for your association.

A member of an association

and you are not happy with the response time or service you are currently receiving at your community. Click Here to see how we can help you implement one of our Association Platforms to immediately increase the service quality for your community.

An owner of an office park

and you are struggling getting multi-year tenants and need help optimizing preventative maintenance to increase your returns. Click Here to see how our budgeting and preventative maintenance plans combined with long-term tenants can get your property returns more in line with your goals.

A single family home owner

and you are not sure whether to sell your home or rent it out. Click here to see how our HomeOwner’s Solution Platform can help you possibly make one of the best financial decisions of your life.

An overseas investor

with a portfolio of properties that you need tight, reliable, and transparent management to help you feel comfortable. Click Here to see how our Portal Technology allows you a dashboard view of your entire portfolio with the ability to drill down into each property with down-to-the-penny details 24/7.

An investment group

with 5 large apartment buildings and you need to lower your repair expenses and have 7 different parties be able to view the financials in real time. Click Here to see how our Site Optimization Audit and Technology Platform can lower your day to day outlay and everyone in your group including your CPA can see real-time financials down-to-the-penny.

6 Reasons to Work with Us

Is It Smarter to Rent My House or Sell?

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See What Our Happy Clients Are Saying…

“Abacus avenue property management services are truly commendable. I would definitely recommend their services to all my friends.”

“I have never dealt with any company that was so sincere in their approach and committed to the task on providing complete client satisfaction than I have with Abacus Avenue Property Management.”

“Upon the need to relocate back to NYC, my wife and I decided we wanted to keep our current home, and try our hand as landlords. With both my wife and I having very demanding schedules we decided to solicit the services of a property manager to handle the “landlord duties” for us. I interviewed literally (I repeat “literally”) every property management firm in the tri-state area. I work in the insurance field and know 1st hand how a property manager can make or break your dreams of being a landlord. I’m quite the picky individual, and frankly a very demanding person, especially when I’m the customer. Among every property management firm I met and vetted, only 1 stood out as competent, responsive and knowledgeable; and that’s Abacus Avenue. My strong knowledge of property insurance gave me a real upper hand in vetting out the other wannabe property managers.

Honestly folks, don’t waste your time with calling anyone else. This demanding perfectionist here has done all that work for you. In the year that I’ve been in business with Abacus Avenue, I have nothing but positive feedback, and that’s not something I say often. Knowledgeable, professional, forthcoming and attentive are words that sum up Abacus avenue. The full service they provide is second to none, from finding us a tenant, to vetting the tenant, to drafting a very comprehensive and protective lease and finally placing the tenant was a pleasure.

The best part (for me personally) is that I never hear from them – they take care of everything for me and I’m confident that my property and my personal interests are in very good hands. My wife and I are looking for a second investment home, and there is no doubt in my mind that Abacus will be managing that property as well.

Thanks Abacus Avenue – looking forward to our continued and growing relationship.”

“As an 8-year year resident of Hoboken and President of our 10-unit Condo Association, I’ve worked with four property management companies. Abacus was brought to my attention after four years with two property management companies who frankly, did nothing but collect the money. Our emails/voicemails were left unanswered for weeks, we had to shovel and salt the front walkway ourselves, and maintenance within the individual units was never the solution; we would have to call independent contractors to fix it.

I understand that in this area, we are accustomed to getting everything with the snap of our finger. That being said, managing multiple properties does mean there can be a bit of a wait time. But, in my experience, Marc and Abacus would always return my phone calls with 24-36 hours with an explanation of when they were available, or why I was on the wait list. Within months of them managing my building, our front door FINALLY closed and locked properly, the building was repainted, we never had to shovel, the building was finally clean, we had actual financial reports, a WORKABLE BUDGET!, and good coaching on how to run our board! What took two companies four years to never fix, took Abacus a few months to resolve, and resolve well. Their team was always there before the morning rush. Additionally, after Sandy, thanks to Abacus, our building paid nothing out of pocket for completely rebuilding/refinishing the basement. I appreciate and respect a company that does not only what they get paid to do, but what they don’t get paid to do; devise and strategize solutions to keep the building’s reserve fund flush, make available an online webpage where the finances can be viewed anytime and are clear, that can help the building communicate and resolve issues easily, and have a team of employees that know you by name. I feel they go above and beyond and so relieved to finally be able to actually recommend a property management company.”

“My experience with AAPM has been very gratifying. As an absentee landlord, my properties are cared for as if I were handling them myself. After struggling with two other management companies, I was convinced that my needs were too small to find a manager who would be committed to serving my needs, let alone having a high degree of competency. I found both in AAPM.
In just a few months, they had to deal with finding a new tenant, a high volume of repairs, and public agency inspections. All of these were handled quickly, accurately, and at a a very reasonable cost. They even quickly resolved a difficult year-long situation created by a former management company. Kudos to a great service organization. They are truly a ’10’.”

“I’m a property owner/landlord in the Northern NJ area. Although my wife and I had been managing our property on our own, we were looking for assistance with locating local, cost effective resources to assist us. Upon meeting the folks at Abacus Avenue PM our property was vacant. In just a little over 30 days, the team was able to get us back up and running. The process was seamless and the effort on my part in managing our apartments was minimal. We especially like the online dashboard that allows us to view finances, accept electronic payments and view trends related to our cash flow. My family and I thank the team for their knowledge, professionalism and flexibility in overseeing our property. It’s only been a short while but we highly recommend Abacus Avenue PM and their services.”


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